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Jasmin de WolfWelcome! I’m Jasmin de Wolf and I’m a director of creativity. Part creative synthesist, part explorer, part artistic adviser ; I like to bring ideas to life.

I’m just as passionate about achieving success and the human experience as I am about ideas and imagination. With experience in digital media, events, visual art and publishing, my creativity also extends to running an Airbnb for creative souls at Phillip Island.

After working with multimedia startups and spending a decade leading website branding and marketing at IBM, I left corporate world to work for a high profile blogger. There I spent several inspiring years to direct large heartfelt, fun events and launch global photography and blogging products, before taking up an opportunity managing media and operations with a unique wine events startup.

Now, following a year-long art and soul focussed sabbatical, I’m freelancing as a director of special creative projects. As a creative synthesist I direct and manage special creative projects including murals, fine art, workshops, events, online publishing, podcasting, branding guidelines, and new ideas needing guidance

Freelance Strategy and Artistic Direction for Creative Brands

As  a self-driven, experienced director of creative digital products, events, social media and websites, I can work with you or your team to bring your next idea to life. My experience includes:

  • Successful strategy and management of  products requiring an understanding of design, photography, video and technology
  • Leading the development of 50 ebooks and courses for Digital Photography School and ProBlogger
  • Success increasing product and advertising revenue, Facebook page growth, newsletter open rate and subscriber growth, introduction of Instagram and Facebook groups, and ongoing creative operational efficacy for digital and event teams

Loving Landscapes ebookColor ebookBlack and White ebook

  • 10 years at IBM Global Service in digital marketing, e-Learning, producer and innovation ambassador roles
  • Successful styling and management of an Airbnb property (5 star, superhost status in under 6 months)
  • Creation of mixed media artworks (aerosol, acrylic and collage) as featured at pop-up gallery The Arthouse by EBD
  • 20 years leading creative teams and collaborations with leading photographers, international speakers, and subject matter experts

Click by Rachel DevineFast Flash by Gina MiliciaPortraits Lighting ebook by Gina Milicia

I’m a creative risk taker, ideas and results focused person who thrives when I’m working on multiple projects.
To discuss your next product or opportunity please contact Jasmin (de Wolf) Tragas jasmin@wonderwebby.com

Experience and Artistic Direction of Events

I turned around the ProBlogger Training event from small 100 person crowd in a tiny, grey conference room to a 500+ pax sell-out (within minutes) event hosted at the QT Resort Gold Coast, complete with glam, glitz and an evening themed cocktail party by the pool! We also produced smaller events including photography workshops with Gina Milicia in Melbourne and I was fortunate enough to work with some celebrity entrepreneurs and bloggers from around the world.

You’ll also find me styling birthday parties, airbnbs, and have worked with Revel (Pinot Palooza, Mould Cheese Festival etc) as General Manager of Events and Media.

Experience is everything. If you’re after someone to oversee the artistic direction of an event, to bring the heart and soul of a concept alive – let’s talk!

Creative Testimonials

Jasmin’s middle name is Determined! Anita Pahor
I have never met such a creative, professional, ‘can do’ woman before. When we collaborated on her Ambassadorship for Women’s Opportunity, I found Jasmin to be an inspiration. She walks the talk, people! As for her creativity with technology – incredible. This woman is going places and anyone who is lucky enough to work alongside her should savour every moment!
Anita Pahor, Chairperson, Society of Women Leaders, Australian Red Cross

Jasmin is a miracle worker! Chris Guillebeau
I’ve seen her in action working to create community and transform ideas into reality—all while teaming up with others to make sure everyone feels involved and valued.
Chris Guillebeau,  Founder Side Hustle School, The $100 Startup, WDS

Jasmin was a big reason that I was able to scale my business in the time she worked with us. She was able to take ideas and make them a reality through the production of many products and helped us to build systems that have continued to serve us well beyond the time she worked with us.
Darren Rowse, Founder, ProBlogger & Digital Photography School

“It was a fabulous experience working with Jasmin on the annual Problogger Conference. Jasmin was integral in the conference growing to what it is today, the most successful blogging conference in Australia.  Her communication skills are excellent and her ability to remain calm and professional under stress was highly valued by the team.”
Nicole Avery – Planning with Kids

Contemporary Artwork – Jasmin de Wolf

As you may have gathered…I’m passionate about creativity and love to produce art. Over the years I’ve been commissioned for publication in Melbourne based journals, magazines, and by businesses and individuals for small and large scale mixed media artworks. I hold a Graduate Diploma and Masters of Animation and Interactive Media (Creative Media) from RMIT University and produce artwork using expressive mixed media.

Commissions are available upon request

Phillip Island Creative Retreat

A few years ago I styled and refurbished our beach shack at  Phillip Island, Victoria which we now rent out as an Airbnb. It’s a charming little home away from home where I’ve spent many wonderful weekends relaxing at the beach with my family. I keep some of my favourite books on creativity down there and have set it up as a space to relax, dream up ideas and bring creativity to life. I’m proud to have so many five star reviews and super host status…but even more I love the stories of inspiration that come back from guests.

Creative Foraging Afternoon Martini

5 star reviews

To discuss your next product or opportunity please contact jasmin@wonderwebby.com

About this blog wonderwebby. I started this blog in 2007 to discuss all things collaboration and imagination. While I don’t update this as often these days, you’ll still find find articles and inspiration so you can discover what makes your creative heart beat. I’m inspired by all things creative – artwork, photography, technology, books, events, food, interiors, fashion, music, innovative projects and street art. You can subscribe to updates by email to get these articles straight to your inbox.