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http://taltybaptistchurch.org/style.php Smiling and wearing a blue printed dressWelcome, I’m Jasmin and I love to bring creativity to life.

Clomiphene pills for cheap Passionate about all things creative, I lead the development of digital products, experience-led events and campaigns with impact. I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and three teenage sons. I love to make art, and following the completion of my Masters of Arts in Animation and Interactive Media at RMIT, I continue to produce and commision artwork using expressive mixed media.

I started this site as a blog in 2007 to discuss all things digital, collaboration and imagination. You’ll find articles and inspiration so you can discover what makes your creative heart beat. I’m inspired by all things art, photography, technology, books, events, food, fashion, music, and innovative ideas. If you’d like to get these updates delivered straight to your inbox, please subscribe.

Jasmin de Wolf

buy Quetiapine canada To discuss all things creative please contact me  jasmin@wonderwebby.com

Jasmin at ProBloggerJasmin at the Cheese Festival



19 thoughts on “About Jasmin

  1. ekwoolf

    Hey i would love it if you checked out my blog! also do you know about Fuser? you should check it out if you dont, and also check out the Fuser facebook application….it’s pretty cool but most importantly i would love to get your feedback and see what you think about it.

  2. wonderwebby

    Hi Emily thanks for stopping by and I follow you on Twitter now. I don’t really use Myspace so I have not used Fuser.

    Jeremy thanks for the feedback and encouragement.

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  5. Maria

    Hi Jasmin,
    I don’t know if you remember me, I was part of that online mothers’ community as Penguin… anyway I’ve just popped on to read Penni’s interview; well done, great blog! Hope all is well with you and your children. I have two kids now and life is busy busy.
    Best wishes, Maria

  6. Joyce Mok

    Hi Jasmine,

    My name is Joyce and I am working here at the Diocese of Melbourne on a new media project, on eduacting churches on how to engage more with their local communities through the use of new media channels, I was wondering if at some point I would be able to have a chat (on or offline) with u?

    Joyce Mok

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  15. Tess

    Really interesting work … I look forward to meeting you at the next Problogger event and learning more about the realm of the blogosphere.

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