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Random facts about me…

Style. I like shiny. I also like vintage and home grown,  original, smart and did I mention shiny?

Study. Early on in life I wanted to be a naturopath, or a teacher…or something creative. I pursued the creative path and so glad that I did. I went on to study creative and interactive media.

Kindness. My other passion is using social media to raise funds for social good. Last year, World Vision Australia asked me to be a World Vision Blog Ambassador which is very inspiring.  It’s not about me though – it’s about collaborating with talented people around the world, creating ebooks and using social media to raise funds for people living in poverty.

Loves. When I’m not online, you’ll find me spending time with my family and friends, enjoying food, art, photography, music, the beach, walking and… life! I pretend that I can draw, bake, garden and have a habit of borrowing books from the library that I never get around to reading.

Not ancient yet. I’m 40 years old. For-teh. I’ve always looked forward to getting older. But I can’t believe I’m already for-teh.

Hometown. I grew in in Adelaide and moved here where I was 20 so that I could do something creative.  So this year I am officially more Melbournite than I am Adelaidean!

Discovering creativity. When I finished high school I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I grew up. So I decided to work while I gave myself time to discover what made me tick. Thankfully, I did…and ended up studying creative media. Customer service has turned out to be a very valuable skill to have…but it didn’t become my career.

Arf arf. I probably have a strange sense of humour and tell dad-jokes. Not very well, I might add.

Life imitates tweets. I got my current job  – which I love to bits – when my boss Darren tweeted something about wanting help. And because I had been blogging, and doing some fundraising, Darren knew who I was so we had a coffee and….I left my creative corporate job of ten years to join him!

CFS/ME. My mum is a professional artist and musician, so I grew up in a creative home. However she has had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the last 20 + years which has impeded her ability to be creative. It’s an awful chronic illness. Look after yourself people. Don’t push yourself too hard.

What’s enough? I’m determined to live my life passionately but carefully. I want to keep a balance between being determined to reach your dreams…and knowing what is ‘enough’. I work part time because it’s ‘enough’ and to me, that’s success. The most important things to me right now are having good health (physical, mental and emotional), being there for my kids, enjoying family time, enjoying work, enjoying life.

Practical daydreamer. You might find me daydreaming and coming up with the silliest ideas. But I am also incredibly practical and value common sense. I’m always juggling shiny and helpful.

Serendipity. The best things have happened to me when I have been true to myself. Serendipitous moments in life have happened because I love to learn about things which inspire me. I wouldn’t describe myself as ambitious. But I’m curious, determined and love to explore creativity..and this has led to many wonderful events in my life.

Working from home. I’ve been working from home on-and-off for several years now. I’m no expert at time-management, but this year I am being really selective and careful to make sure that I allocate time for my work, my family and ‘me time’.

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