The Age of Conversation lives on

In a recent comment about the WorldShapers ebook,  one of the contributors Amy Jussel wrote treatment “The Age of Conversation lives on”. And she’s right! Before WorldShapers was created,  Amy and I participated in a collaborative project along with 237 Authors from 15 different countries. Being part of a project like this really demonstrated to me that with a big vision, a few people, and a little effort, social networking can produce great results. It also paved the way for me to feel confident about coordinating a small ebook of my own.

Gavin Heaton in Australia and Drew McLellan in the US published this book with all proceeds going to  Variety, the children’s charity. Thanks to Gavin Heaton, The Age of Conversation 2 – Why Don’t They Get It? is now on Amazon. It was originally for sale on (along with the original, which is also worth a read.)

Belo Jardim Chapters include:

Manifestos — Declarations, up front, on the Age of Conversation. Why don’t people get it? What about companies? Where are things going? What can you help clarify?

Keeping Secrets in the Age of Conversation — With everyone talking so much, why do we need secrets? What is the role of privacy? What about different personas and identities? Why don’t consumers understand that their online conversations are tracked and can come back to haunt them?

Moving from Conversation to Action — Talk is cheap, or so they say. What are the practical steps that businesses and brands can take to move from conversation to something more valuable to their business? And if it is so easy, why don’t they just do it?

The Accidental Marketer — People “fall into” marketing. They may study and qualify in a different discipline but somehow find themselves in marketing and advertising. What is the attraction? Or…have you known a company or brand who just seemed to naturally fall into marketing success? How do you think that happened?

A New Brand of Creative — With the changes in the way that people communicate and collaborate online, marketing and advertising companies are needing to reach out and work with a new type of creative team. What do these “creatives” look like. What are their skills? Why do they evangelize digital and new media? And what are the challenges that they face?

My Marketing Tragedy — A topic only for the brave … Do you know a project that failed? Was it yours? What prevented success? What worked? And most importantly, what did you learn? Who didn’t “get it” — was it your client, your boss, the board, or (dare we ask) you?

Business Model Evolution — Just as the markets and people are changing, so too are the business models around both clients and agencies. What is your take on this? What is working and what is not? Where will things go? What happens if an agency doesn’t “get it”. How do you measure “it” … and where will things go?

Life in the Conversation Lane — Bringing it all back to the individual — how is life in a digitally connected, social world impacting our lives? What is the personal cost and what is the attraction? Is there a balance or are we just kidding ourselves?

I’m so grateful that Gavin and Drew made the effort to create this book, and that I participated in the creation of this book. Have you been involved in a collaborative project? What were the results?

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