All I want for Christmas is a high pig tally A little pig went wandering from World Vision Australia – along with the money he was collecting for kids living in poverty. Yes, someone took money from charity. Just. Like. That. In an attempt to recover the pig dubbed ‘Dennis’, the crew at World Vision have put a call out, asking for people to take pictures of pigs at World Vision stands around Australia.

I’d like to go a step further and ask for you to change lives and Mosbach BUY A PIG for Christmas!
A piglet! @joydot holding a @worldvisionaus piglet giftcard for an idea I'm bacon up :)

Although I don’t regularly ask for people to buy things on this blog (I don’t even have paid ads..I blog because I like it!)… the gift of just one pig would make a big difference. Here’s a photo of the lovely Joy Toose from World Vision holding one of the pigs that you can buy and even send as a gift to someone.

From their website “Breeding pigs to sell can give a family the income they need to transform their lives. One sow can produce up to 20 piglets per year, as well as plenty of natural fertiliser for food gardens.” The work that World Vision Australia do to help people who live poverty is so important. It’s such a shame someone stole Dennis.

If you would like to make a difference and buy a pig, the cost is AUD$50. You could even ask some friends or work colleagues to join in and buy a pig with you.

I’ll  use the hashtag #pigtally and we can see how many pigs we can buy together. I’ll start with the first pig. Merry Christmas! And so #piggtally officially starts at ONE oink!

Will you help me raise the #pigtally a little higher? Ten pigs would be amazing. More than ten would feel like Christmas! 100 would be porktacular!

Simply buy a pig here, leave a comment on this post so I can update the tally ….and you’ll have helped to give some goodness in the world.

Thanks everyone, happy holidays and I look forward to sharing more with you in 2013 …and the final pig tally! (PS another way you can help is to spread the word…share this post with your network or help to find the missing pig by taking a photo #isthisDennis )

*** Current #pigtally = ONE oink TWO oinks!

thank you for paying forward a piggy …

Keep those piggies coming :)

One thought on “All I want for Christmas is a high pig tally

  1. Joy

    Thankyou for my piggy pig! That photo always makes me smile :) I’ve passed on the love to someone special, so #pigtally is now two! XOX Merry Christmas Jas, feel so blessed to have you as a friend!

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