Art and astrophysics

We had our Wundergym opening last month (the first in such a long time!) and what a delight to see everyone in person along with their artistic responses to the cosmic brief by Wundergym mentor and gravitational waves astrophysicist Paul Lasky. You can see a photo of me with my artwork below, and another talking with our mentor Paul.
Jasmin standing next to her artwork

buy gabapentin for cats The title of my artwork is  ‘We don’t know how black holes grow,’ mixed media on canvas. It was such a joy to research and explore the world of gravitational waves and black holes. I really loved this brief. It got me thinking about the connection between each one of us and the vastness of the Cosmos.

Redland What impressed me was the determination with which one can hold an idea with such infinite potential but not yet measured. Scientists who go to sleep wondering how they can measure a hypothesis, how to prove something we can only begin to imagine. The design, technology and construction that has gone into the building of LIGO and VIRGO interferometers is truly mind-blowing.

I also thought about the parallels with hypnagogic visions we might see as we fall  asleep each night, and of animators like Jordan Belson, sublime artistic imagery and film over the years which have hinted at the bending of space time

My artwork was a hat-tip to women scientists in this space, a nod towards infinite possibilities, and a representation of a sublime concept. I enjoyed painting it using acrylic paints, posca markers, charcoal, and spray paint. Here’s my synopsis of my artwork:
We don’t know how black holes grow: Infinite understanding for the taking. Made of stars – with laser-sharp focus, awe and wonder – we behold the distortion and bending of the very fabric of reality. Gravitational waves and gamma rays: a unique fingerprint of the source of impact, bending and stretching astrophysical objects, evoking hypnagogic visions, an abstract rhythm connecting all things, an awakening of our psyche. Can you feel the pulse of cosmic tension?
You can view the exhibition in a virtual gallery on the Wundergym website alongside some other incredible artworks by Wundergym members, established artists and mentors.
Exhibition Poster The Biggest Explosion in the Universe
A large blue painting inside a white art gallery space
Jasmin de Wolf and Paul Lasky

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