Art Appears. Photos float in cyberspace.

I used to post pictures and postcards of art above my desk at work.  I still have pictures that make their way into my peripheral. But I don’t have a permanent desk.

Art appears in short bursts between work, research and play through my screen.

I come in Peace

Image used with permission. Originally uploaded on Flickr by OstentatiousHumility

This image found its way into my attention today. It was a pleasant surprise as it appeared in my somewhat neglected Wonderment photo challenge set on Flickr. It prompted me to look at adding some more pictures to the pool. To seek. To play. To try.

The surprise was twice as pleasant because of the photo itself. A moment of wonderment. Taken on a phone. By a stranger.  Uploaded to the web. Added to a group. Appearing in my stream.

And now in yours.

This is my Day 6 Entry for NaBloPoMo on the September theme of Art

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