Augmenting Motherhood

incontinently At this stage of my life I am working part time and caring for our three little “monkeys” under the age of five. You know what? I’m so glad things have turned out this way. I think women who are full-time mothers do an amazing, awesome job. Personally I also love being able to work part-time doing something I enjoy. I go a bit stir-crazy at home all day :) I especially love the power of social media to connect with a global workforce, when I have less time than other co-workers. It makes it easier to keep up-to-date and collaborate with colleagues – without having to trawl through email. I find I am less likely to miss out on thought leadership in the organisation, because I can read about it on a blog or listen to it on a podcast. I love the fact that “it’s not what you know but who you know” is less about schmoozing these days and more about tagging.

Detva I’m connected to some vibrant minds, news, links and events via the power of blogging and twitter at odd times of the day. I am not as dependent on “real-time” communication. I have the opportunity to occasionally work from home – saving time in transit and giving me flexibility to work around family needs. I am meeting like-minded colleagues from the other side of the globe in Secondlife. I enjoy my work and the special projects I help out on. A lot. Sometimes work seems like play.

I have known young women to consider working in fields such as nursing and teaching to have better opportunities for work/life balance and careers post-motherhood. I hope that blogging and other social media opens up opportunities for women to work in many other equally rewarding and admirable (and male dominated) areas, and in senior roles, so that women don’t limit their potential by a pre-conceived notion of a “balanced” career.

Needless to say I am enjoying the monkeys while they are young, although I’m not about to pretend it’s easy. Pre-school years are busy and wondrous. They amaze me every day. I’m very blessed.

Three Monkeys

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