Aussie bloggers uniting to raise funds

A couple of days ago I launched a  blogging initiative asking ten Australian bloggers to write a special  post as a tribute to the entrepreneurial poor.  In return, Incentive House will be making a donation of $100 per post towards an Opportunity International  microfinance program in the Philippines, to help women out of poverty.

So far three amazing people have joined in the challenge by writing ‘Tribute” posts – that’s $300 raised by these bloggers  in 3 days for women in poverty! Wonderful.

Matthew Johnson wrote about steps for  success, Gavin Heaton shared his experience as a microfinance ‘micro-investor’ and Des Walsh wrote a tribute to people with entrepreneurial spirit. Thank you!

Incentive House are willing to donate $700 more dollars but I’m looking for seven more Aussie bloggers to unite for women living in poverty over the next two days – simply  write a post before midnight Tuesday (31st March) and Incentive House will donate $100 towards this special project.  Will you join in?

(oh and meanwhile, my laptop appears to be no more, so expect me to be quiet on the interwebs  for a little bit….I will be watching you from afar, probably on my iPod somehow, somewhere!!)

Update 31 March: You did it! Together we raised $1300 in funds towards this project. And another US$200 was donated in the last 24 hours on my Chipin. You are amazing people!!

You can also listen to a podcast of me mumbling late at night, trying to explain the purpose of Women’s Opportunity – courtesy of Des Walsh on the Social Media Show :)

5 thoughts on “Aussie bloggers uniting to raise funds

    1. wonderwebby

      Thanks everyone for your wonderful contributions. Together you helped to raise $1300. I really appreciate the time and effort you took to write your posts. Even better news is that together you have helped me reach nearly 40% of my goal. Only $6500 of donations needed to create a Trust Bank for a Filipino community.

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