Authentic Voices

Whether I am adding songs to my LastFM, or books to my Facebook, or clothes on my avatar, or words on my blog or twitter ….

I certainly hope I am embedding and not so much embellishing my identity.

I hope my choice of flavour does not seem pretentious to others, as much as a reflection of my own perception to myself.

Whether willfully avatar wrangling or casually collecting a blog-full of cool

I fear not all are being sincere

Authentic voices in a mashed-up reality

I’m not completely cynical, really! The authentic voices are great and I’ve met some wonderful people through this mashed up reality! Embedding our identity in a digital form can do wonders to know ourselves and others a little better in this supersonically-paced (and often anonymous) world.

Embellishing identity (with wild untruths) on the other hand…well, I’m not sure how helpful that is. Embedding identity can still be playful and creative, without distorting the essence of “you”. I think!?

And to some, it doesn’t matter at all! Vanilla is as good as it gets.

How authentic is your digital reality?