Authentic Voices

Whether I am adding songs to my LastFM, or books to my Facebook, or clothes on my avatar, or words on my blog or twitter ….

I certainly hope I am embedding and not so much embellishing my identity.

I hope my choice of flavour does not seem pretentious to others, as much as a reflection of my own perception to myself.

Whether willfully avatar wrangling or casually collecting a blog-full of cool

I fear not all are being sincere

Authentic voices in a mashed-up reality

I’m not completely cynical, really! The authentic voices are great and I’ve met some wonderful people through this mashed up reality! Embedding our identity in a digital form can do wonders to know ourselves and others a little better in this supersonically-paced (and often anonymous) world.

Embellishing identity (with wild untruths) on the other hand…well, I’m not sure how helpful that is. Embedding identity can still be playful and creative, without distorting the essence of “you”. I think!?

And to some, it doesn’t matter at all! Vanilla is as good as it gets.

How authentic is your digital reality?

6 thoughts on “Authentic Voices

  1. Andy Piper

    It’s tricky, isn’t it? I admit I’m probably too self-conscious particularly around Last.FM – I sometimes worry that I’m not listening to something that others would deem “cool”.

  2. wonderwebby

    bravo Andy!
    I wasn’t sure if this post would be misinterpreted. It was written quite late at night after all. I was having a bit of fun with the words too, can you tell? ;)

    I guess what I am trying to say is, as you point out, sometimes we are all too aware of what we are putting into our “digital me”, and that self-conscious awareness can actually alter the authenticity factor. It’s the little bit of you that asks “hmm, should I add that in…or not?”

    Sometimes it’s the smaller stretch of truth that can distort appearances further than a wild untruth. Hence my personal preference to steer clear of “embellishing” and the reason I loved this tweet by Caleb Booker ” The genuinely disturbed are so much more interesting than the wannabies… 12:50 AM August 11, 2007″!!!

    That said – it’s not reason NOT to be creative. Some of the best portraits (capturing the essence of a person) are the abstract ones!

  3. Jack Mason

    I like the idea that people may be able to discover aspects of their identity via all these trails that they leave, and that in turn, part of their public identity is tangible shaped by how others see them.

    Of course, the idea of better knowing that some people may like, or dislike, you more than you realize is a bit scary. But I think the colder reality is that many people may simply be more indifferent towards you than you might expect.

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  5. jt

    It’s just as well I haven’t signed up to last fm yet otherwise it might emerge that I like Shania Twain…

    (On the tangential subject of last fm… is there a last tv?)

    It might be a fun game trying to match up people in real life to their digital projection if you hadn’t met them before/seen any pictures.

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