Avatar Affinity

One of the things I really enjoy about Secondlife is the connection I have with my avatar. The process of creating my avatar, finding outfits, a skin, the right hair, accessories helped me learn to navigate and connect with Secondlife. The connection with my avatar is fundamental in giving me an immersive virtual world experience. I can express my mood differently with the click of an inventory change and my interaction with others is more captivating because of their expressed individuality.


Other virtual worlds have not given me the same connection. Even having the ability to select from a small smorgasbord of avatars in Active Worlds doesn’t seem to help, I want the ability to customise and be animated. In the same way, I find it difficult to relate to other avatars there, it doesn’t seem to be as “freestyle” as Secondlife.

Do you have an affinity with your avatar? Does your avatar selection help you connect with and be immersed in your virtual world environment?