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http://passionsintoprofits.com/make-it-easy-for-a-website-customer-to-do-business-with-you/ This avatar needs your help.

http://skywaysmedia.co.uk/websites/crown-highways/ So here’s the deal, a friend won a secondlife avatar makeover. So my husband and yours truly will be pimping this guy’s avatar.

buy stromectol 3 mg Avatar “before”

He has given us full creative reign. He does not want to look normal.

I will also be embellishing his inventory with a few good groups and landmarks.

Anyways, as this is all about collaboration, feel free to collaborate with me and give this avatar a secondlife chance.

Share your very best ideas to make this avatar ROCK!

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9 thoughts on “Avatar Makeover

  1. Angela Thomas

    Can you describe the real life guy in a few words to help – I have whole sets of ideas / skins / fashion choices / attachments depending on the look he is going for…


    A few descriptors and I can help :)

  2. wonderwebby

    Thanks Angela! You have a point – I think it is difficult to really “connect” with your avatar unless there is some metaphorical interpretation going down. So in light of the “Bogus Reality” post about an unplugged virtual existence….I’ll make a start….

    keywords toward the development of Avatar X: professional, explorer, hacker,lateral thinker, family man, entrepreneur……

  3. kieran kiernan

    I’ve been wondering, lately, if it’s possible to have an avatar that melts and reconstitutes itself periodically … I imagine not, so maybe a liquidy, fluid avatar. Sort of a cross between the T-1000 and the Shishigami/Daidarabocchi/Nightwalker from Princess Mononoke.

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