Avatar X

Remember my buddy Avatar X from Secondlife? This is his “before” shot.

Avatar “before”

I started on his makeover today with Mr Wonderwebby as my shopping companion – and at this point in time he looks more like this (sorry bad quality pic)

Avatar X

Also put a smurf avatar in his inventory in case he wants something completely different.

It looks nothing like him IRL. But his Neo outfit is pretty cool. And dig those tinted shades.

Maybe now that he has a few landmarks, lindens and other scripted goodies he could find or even create his own style. I hope I have been able to get his look right .“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free” (Michelangelo) ha ha!

It’s a bit like buying a birthday present for someone. Sometimes you get so excited when you’re out shopping that you end up buying what you want instead!

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