Babushka's fifteen minutes

If you’re going to create some slides explaining the cycle of microfinance and trust banks, you may as well make it interesting.  That’s why I asked Babushka to explain it.  Nooo, not this one..

This one ..
[slideshare id=861127&doc=about-trust-banks-1229744804879247-2&w=425]

(also known as a Matryoshka doll.) Please don’t ask me to explain what Russian dolls have to do with microfinance in the Philippines.  I can only suggest it is a symbol of women, community impact and the perpetual nature of Trust Bank loans.  Apparently Matroyshka dolls are also known to symbolise motherhood and fertility.

I thought the slides might be silly, I rushed it and I wasn’t happy with the font – but it made it to the Slideshare feature page – nice! And the best thing is people can learn something about Trust Banks and microfinance (well I can only hope!)

Do you like to think of new ways to tell a story? Do you share your ‘silly’ ideas?  What holds you back?