Babushka's fifteen minutes

If you’re going to create some slides explaining the cycle of microfinance and trust banks, you may as well make it interesting.  That’s why I asked Babushka to explain it.  Nooo, not this one..

This one ..
[slideshare id=861127&doc=about-trust-banks-1229744804879247-2&w=425]

(also known as a Matryoshka doll.) Please don’t ask me to explain what Russian dolls have to do with microfinance in the Philippines.  I can only suggest it is a symbol of women, community impact and the perpetual nature of Trust Bank loans.  Apparently Matroyshka dolls are also known to symbolise motherhood and fertility.

I thought the slides might be silly, I rushed it and I wasn’t happy with the font – but it made it to the Slideshare feature page – nice! And the best thing is people can learn something about Trust Banks and microfinance (well I can only hope!)

buy accutane cheap online Do you like to think of new ways to tell a story? Do you share your ‘silly’ ideas?  What holds you back?

2 thoughts on “Babushka's fifteen minutes

  1. wonderwebby

    thanks Andy! I do enjoy coming up with new ideas, but what means more to me is the success of the project in conveying the message, or being ‘sticky’ and in this instance, even getting people to act. I honestly don’t see myself as *that* creative but thanks anyway – I’m still learning!

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