Behind the scenes of PBEVENT 2014 IMG_5202 Behind the scenes of PBEVENT 2014 …a wonderful team,
(Thanks Mick Russell for this video still taken while we getting a picture in the Olympus Photo Booth!)

A few years ago I left my secure job in the big corporate world to work for a blogger called Darren Rowse. Yes, I was a bit nervous about taking such a leap, but I knew I had to make this decision so I could spend more time with my family – and because Darren wasn’t just interested in creating more products – he wanted to produce content with people in mind.

At the time I joined the ProBlogger team Darren had produced a couple of ebooks and a 100 person event but wanted to get more ideas off the ground. So, together with some fabulous photographers around the world and a talented team (based out of our own homes, a suburban home office we meet at each week and the occasional cafe and the meeting room at Officeworks!) we have produced an additional 25 ebooks, held four more events and a couple of smaller workshops. Our most recent event was the 2014 PBEVENT which I directed up at the Gold Coast, Australia.

Photo courtesy of @impactive8

It blows my mind how much PBEVENT has grown. This year 550 attendees came along for our two day event, including speakers, team members (who are also bloggers!) sponsors and a few PR and advertising companies. An impressive 88% of our attendees were women. Together we posted  3501 times on Instagram over four days and we trended on Twitter which meant we were seen over 50 million times, even knocking One Direction and AFL football hashtags off #1 for a while! Based on a survey, we estimate that our combined monthly unique readership is somewhere around 35 million readers! We had three streams of content, International speakers and lots of coffee (and even shoulder massages this year!)

Statistics aside, it’s not easy to describe the dynamic of so many bloggers in one room or the quality of people who attend. Many of us work from home so it’s a real thrill to see our online friends and colleagues in person. Many are connected through shared dreams, highs and lows of life, business ventures, social good, and random common denominators that are known through the virtual water cooler of Twitterland.

No matter what blog title, niche or stage of blogging, there were so many interesting people who attended again this year. You could turn to the person next to you and hear a great story about someone with an idea who just needs to get to that next step on their journey. It’s educational. It’s exciting. It’s emotional. It’s equally exhilarating and exhausting in the best kind of way. And it’s all (well, almost all) shared on social media.

If you came along, I hope you had a wonderful time, had an opportunity to meet some awesome people and found some inspiration to take your blog (and dream) to the next level.

As Marc Johns shared yesterday…

Play your tune and see where it goes image of creative trumpeting
Comodoro Rivadavia Play your tune and see where it goes

And the team… the team is just awesome, thank you so much, Marty and Sharon from M3 Media and thanks Darren Rowse for having the vision to help others make dreams come true…

Until next year (we’re still deciding on a venue..but let’s hope it’s still in a location that looks like this…)

Despite morning rain, I'm happy to report the sun is now shining :) #pbevent

As well as a few other smaller events around the country…

And that we see lots of happy moments, like this (awww Rand and Geraldine!)…

Awww @theeverywhereist and her @randfish #pbevent

As well as improvements we can make to your experience…

And meet lots of bloggers from every walk of life,  so that we can continue the journey and keep growing in such an awesome community…

Cute stickers for our bloggers @pbevent :). #pbevent #thisisqueensland

Hope to see you in 2015!


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  1. Laney Galligan

    It’s so hard to encapsulate the feeling of the event and distil it into words. You’ve captured it so well. I’m still trying to process it all! Can’t wait to see Mick’s footage.

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