Beta Mentality

Sometimes I wonder (as Wonderwebby does) if the uptake of web2.0, social media and virtual worlds requires a beta mentality. First of all, you need to be ready to find the goodness knowing there might be some minor usability hiccups along the way.

It also means having a beta mentality towards the content you are putting out there, ready to gain influence outside of the team or enterprise by losing control of content. Not everybody likes to lose control of the written word. Yet, new initiatives within an organisation can benefit from contribution of multiple authors (eg via a blog or wiki) prior to the final publication. Team members can form awareness of subject matter expertise quickly when given the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and talent.

Mind you, it’ not an excuse to stay stuck at beta release mindset just because the benefits and rewards are collaboration candy. Some people find the entry level into blogging and using a wiki far too technical. Too many logins. Too many click throughs. Virtual worlds freeze up. Navigation and HTML looks confusing. I’m hoping to see some nice improvements soon to the ease of navigation for new users so that selecting social media to collaborate or publish can be as lazy easy as sending an email. Then we might see a much more rapid uptake within large organisations. IF the decision makers can learn to think beta when it comes to content.