The Heart That Keeps On Giving

There are some people who have an extraordinary legacy of giving. It always inspires me when you see somebody with a reslience and heart that keeps on giving – and giving – and giving. One of these special people, Beth Kanter is celebrating her birthday. I’ve mentioned Beth here before:

“One of the things that really stands out about Beth is her absolute dedication to arts and community based organisations. She is a trainer, coach, blogger and social media strategy consultant to nonprofits. She shares information on her blog about effective ways of using social media with others. She finds ways to involve her kids in making a difference. Beth even takes time out of her incredibly busy schedule to help out with other nonprofit projects on the other side of the world, like my Women’s Investment project for Opportunity International” (See slide 13)

[slideshare id=712326&doc=womens-opportunity-1225543994135543-9]

Beth has a birthday wish this year, to send 53 Cambodian Children to school. To participate read more on her blog

So far over 60 bloggers have shared blog posts and tweets in honour of Beth and the great work she does  (I’m a little delayed number 63 thanks to the heatwave that hit Melbourne yesterday!)

Stacey Monk , Amy Sample Ward .Christine Egger & Peter Deitz, Allison Fine, Steve Bridger ,Edward Harran , Debra Askanase , David J. Neff, Nick Booth, Kami Huyse ,Geoff Livingston, Alyssa Gardina, Steve Jennings, Jean Russell, Janet Fouts, Donna Arriaga , Paul Lamb ,Jordan Viator, Avi Kaplan, Evonne Heyning , Qui Diaz , Scotty Hendo, Michael Hoffman, Frank Barry, John Haydon , Mark Horvath , Tom Dawkins, Morgan Sully , Kivi Leroux Miller, Kari Saratovsky, Sloane Berrent Britt Bravo, Christina Jordan, Allyson Kapin, Laura NorvigMichelle Murrain, Manny Hernandez , Spencer Brodsky , Nathaniel WHittemore, Marc A. Pitman, JD Lasica , John BrennanCathryn Hrudicka , Sean Power , Alex Bornkessel ,Chris Noble , Calandra Cruickshank , Brian Reich, Ehon Chan, Tresha Thorsen , Andre Blackman, Chad Norman , Tom Watson, Claire Rollinson, Pamela Grow , Nancy Schwartz , Ben Hess , Danielle BrigidaRebecca Krause-Hardie , Rosetta Thurman , Marie Deatherage and Morra Aarons-Mele

It’s a surprise online birthday party! Will you spread the word or simply chip in $10, or $53 –  or whatever you can afford towards the education of a child in Cambodia?

Also please take some time to check out some of the blogs above. I need to update my blogroll and feedreeder to include some of these passionate people who keep on giving!

I think it’s important to include ways to give in your plans for 2010. If you can’t do much, start with something small. It all makes a big difference.

How to you plan to celebrate the year ahead in acts of kindness?

2 thoughts on “The Heart That Keeps On Giving

    1. wonderwebby

      You are very welcome Beth! Thanks again for sharing your photo and sentence. It helped towards raising $8.6k for microfinance (and a further 10k pledge from two women). I’m so glad your birthday wish came true, beyond your expectations!! :)

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