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Since blogging this year I have fallen in love with words again.

I’ve always enjoyed a good read, but never really spent much time writing (apart from client related work or uni.) Spending a little time every few days writing has really given me more confidence with words and a desire to use them better. I always thought I was a person who liked visual communication but my journey into social media has made me realise I love the written word also. Have to admit I have synaesthetic sensibilities with language, I love reading or combining words that are visually evocative or phonetically interesting.

Social media certainly doesn’t stifle traditional communication methods. I think it has enhanced my communication style in every way – written, verbal, visual etc. The best part is better communication creates opportunities for knowledge sharing and tends to connect people.

It would be great to see a focus from organisations considering how to enhance employee web2.0 communication skills and adoption through better time and attention management, social media netiquette and knowledge sharing tips than spending so much effort trying to justify implementation of social media in the first place! Why not eradicate fear of the information vortex by gaining understanding of how to use the tools and developing trust instead?

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  1. wonderwebby

    you calling my bluff @andypiper? :p

    now go have some sharp cheese with your dry wine and tell me why you are wearing a loud shirt

    got any synaesthetic metaphors for me then?

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