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Woah what a week (…in which wonderwebby finds herself surrounded by the company of incredibloggers.)

Rewind <<< San Blas Thursday: World Vision Australia

Several bloggers were invited to join a new World Vision Australia Blogging Ambassador program. More details will be posted in weeks to come, but I’m really, really excited to part of this brillliant journey.  There’s something to be said for taking some time out and recharging the batteries for a couple of months, because now I feel like a project has come along which I can not only be proud to support, but also have more energy and focus to invest. Some of the delightful bloggers who will also be volunteering their time include:
Annabel from
Eden from
Emma from
Kate from  http://
Kelly from
Lisa  from
Louisa from
Maddie from and
Serena  from and her husband John.

@richendag sharing her passion for social media and doing goodWe spent the day learning about their programs. We brainstormed ways to blog for good and ways for World Vision to help this team of bloggers . There are some pretty passionate bloggers out there, making a difference. They also have some very compassionate, dedicated staff at World Vision. It was a very inspiring, and emotional day. To top it off, I came home and found a perfectly timed, heartwarming letter from our sponsor child in the mail.


Pause || Today- Digital Parents Conference DPCON12

Today I headed along to my first Digital Parents conference and met many more ‘incredibloggers’! Mums (and a couple of dads) who blog from the heart. Some blog for express, some for purpose, some blog for profit, others…just because. The conference team did a wonderful job of putting everything together and looking after everyone – congratulations!

And while my mind is buzzing…there are just a a few things which have stuck with me from today.

1. I spoke with a few bloggers who have only been blogging for several months, but who are already working  successfully with brands, or finding ways to use their blogs with intent. Things happen quickly, in “blogging years”!

2. There was some interesting discussion on publishing and print in relation to blogging. Bloggers and book deals. Press. PR. Promotion. Profiles. Things are changing, quickly!

3. Other interesting discussions on reach, relevance and engagement with readers beyond the blog. Which makes sense, as I think of you all as people I have seen on Twitter, on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc…not just here! It’s not just about numbers of comments, but about your community and engagement.

4. Blogging is being taken more seriously by brands in Australia. Oh, yes it is. And I think will continue to grow.

5. buy provigil online without I was completely blown away by the incredible energy of the bloggers in the room. Today I met a bunch of women who are serious about blogging. Not just serious, but intent on publishing real experiences, sharing the voices, engaging with readers…and then guarding those blogs and readers fiercely. I met resolute women with an amazing amount of determination -and smarts. Blown. Away.

So, while I let the day gently settle in mind, and while I reflect on conversations, my scattered notes, and as I sift my way through the swag bag of goodies… I can only say I’m left with even more enthusiasm to read more blogs, and to work with our team to create an equally positive experience at ProBlogger Event later this year.

Oh, and to blog here more often. Promise!


4 thoughts on “Blogging from the heart, on purpose. Dedicated Aussie Bloggers.

  1. Lisa wood

    Hi Jasmin,

    It was so good to meet you! Amazing event, and even more amazing was hearing all of the great stories behind each blog.
    How did you manage to blog about the event so quickly!!!
    so looking forward to what comes through for every blogger this year – its going to be so much fun.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      Hi Lisa! It was really lovely to meet you too :) Weren’t the stories inspiring? As for how I managed to blog anything…well somebody else made dinner for me! It doesn’t happen often but it’s so awesome when it does.

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