BlogHer New York 2012

I think I’m going.

“Think” because

a) it’s a whole year away, I know I’ll blink and it will be 2012 but it seems so far from *right now*

b) I have three children, and a week seems like a long time to be far, far away

c) I have an awesome husband

d) it’s in New York City!

e) I’ve booked my pass (on special, no less)

f) I need to find sponsors, or something. Fly me to the moon….

g) @miscmum is going

h) lots of other wonderful bloggers will be there

i) my youngest starts school next year

j) did I mention it’s in New York?

k) lots of people I’d like to finally meet

l) I’m interested in hearing from all of these creative women

m) hey, it’s work related after all!

n) I need to get my blogging mojo back on

o) Oh! Weeeell, I just think I should go.  Part of me is “just do it”. The other part of me is trying to justify why I need to go all the way to New York for this. I haven’t made it to any of these incredible sounding Blogging conferences over the last few years, as much as I wanted to. The timing was never right. But BlogHer 12 just seems, well, like I really should be there. And why not, right?

<insert big grin here>

<insert justification to go to New York here>

<your turn to comment right about… here>

10 thoughts on “BlogHer New York 2012

  1. whatjanesays

    New York will be sunny and warm, you will enjoy the break from Melbourne winter! Also if you are there in July – I’ll be there too!
    If you have never been before this opportunity NOT to be missed. Enjoy :)

  2. wonderwebby Post author

    @whatjanesays ah sunny and warm….sounds perfect right now! Will you be there late July?

    @karen gah – SHOPPING!!! How could I forget about teh SHOPPING? :)

  3. Ainslie Hunter

    I have one to sell to the family – you can do shopping for them. And it is easy – you book it all online and get it shipped to your hotel while you are in New York.

    Your family is happy to get everything want and you don’t waste any time shopping for any one but yourself.

    Plus it is New York – you must go

  4. Tracey

    I’m definately thinking about going to BlogHer12 – there’s just too much fun to pass up!

    I think if you can afford it and the kids will be taken care of – then do it. Life is too short for regrets! Have an adventure.

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