Bogus Reality

Are you really who you think you are? Does your online identity reflect the real you? Is your Avatar a reflection of the real you or have you become your Avatar?

Does the number of “friends” in your various online social networks make you think you are cool when in fact it means you are really a very lonely person who suddenly feels very cool?

friend coolness chart. Source:

What would happen if people around you created your Facebook or Myspace profile for you? Would you still have the same tags? Would they choose the same groups for you? Would they select the same portrait picture? Would your avatar still look like a chic cyber punk or more like Mr Potato Head on crack?

So then – would a lifelog tell you about yourself, would you be telling on yourself, about yourself, or would your lifelog tell others about who you think your self is?

I still need to learn more about lifelogging. In some ways it is a really simple concept about aggregating and digitising our experiences. I just wonder if our lifelogs will need to be sanitised by our true friends, to portray us more accurately.

Lifelog unplugged vs Lifelog “in my eyes.”

Or perhaps a little subconscious “bogus reality” is good for your mental health. Especially if your online reality does look more like Mr Potato head on crack.

For more reading about online identity, check out Angela Thomas’ website.

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