Bragging for Dummies

In Chris Brogan’s free eBook on personal branding , he writes “Try not to brag, ever. Be humble. Not falsely so, but truly, because a lot of what we do isnʼt as important as saving lives.”

Its’ a great point to make. I keep thinking about it.  But – I’m trying to get my head around something.

What is the difference between merrily sharing your achievements online without a hint of snobbery …and bragging about your online self and sounding like a self obsessed, attention starved narcissist? Which achievements can you share? What about blog rankings? Career highlights? Speaking engagements? Same thing applies when you write your bio. And publishing photos of yourself, or posting videos. Is it all just a matter of getting the ratio and attitude right? Confidence without conceit. What do you think?

By the way – look at what I found in the garden. I’m amazed considering we never water our garden (water restrictions.) These roses simply screaaamed out “look at me! ooh la la! take my foto pleeaaze.” Talk about show-offs :)

Garden Rose

Garden Rose

Would love your thoughts on ego and bragging….