Changing the World Through Careers in ICT

It’s only (!) taken me a little over 2 years to finally figure out what my blog is about, so I have updated my About Me page to include some more details about this blog  and the things I enjoy.

“Perhaps you want to change the world through your community group,  non profit, aid organisation or government agency, or maybe you help people to collaborate  in your workplace. Wherever you work or volunteer, I  hope Wonderwebby can be a place where you can find inspiration, ideas and tips so that you can make a difference  through the use of creative social media.”

As always I’m happy to hear your feedback, as I find About Me pages and bios to be quite difficult to get “just right”! Don’t you?

In a way, writing this blog also helps me to focus my time and energy on the things that I am passionate about. I was asked to speak about some of these passions at the VITTA Careers and ICT Expo earlier this year in Melbourne and I have finally uploaded it to Slideshare. Once again I used the alphabet technique. Truth be told, I knew I had an hour and the letters prompted me to keep my ramblings to a point per minute! Plus it made it enjoyable to present to the teachers who came along. Enjoy!
[slideshare id=2645972&doc=ictcareersexpojasmintragasforslideshare-091203202307-phpapp02]