Compassionate Communities

In the spirit of @shaicoggin’s Valentines Day love post, I too have been thinking about the amazing outpouring of compassion seen amongst tragic circumstances this week – nearly 2000 homes destroyed (7000 displaced people) and hundreds of lives lost in a deadly, unpredictable firestorm in Victoria.

Australians have come together swiftly and efficiently, even friends overseas have chipped in. Everybody seems to be helping in some way. Our local schools and preschools are already fundraising; small businesses and large corporations are donating goods and money to the Red Cross Bushfire appeal. People are being inventive, decisive and resolute to support communities who have lost so much.

My own employers are, amongst other things providing some servers to temporary schools and the State Emergency Service.¬† Our employees are volunteering to staff a call centre for the Red Cross this weekend and huuuge numbers of employees¬† donated a mountain of quality clothing – more than 15 pallet loads from Cumberland Forest (one office) alone for the Salvation Army. Large organisations are working together with the Premier’s Department for short term and long term assistance to affected communities.

I am amazed by the dedication of volunteers around the state, the Firefighters, Vic Police, Department of Human Services, Salvos, the Alfred Hospital Staff and so many more. Thank you.

The fires are still burning and we are thinking of the volunteers and those living near fire affected areas. It seems so close – we even saw backburning in the distance tonight (‘scuse the poor quality photo) which made us feel ill at ease.

fires  burning towards kinglake

Thinking of Victorians this weekend.

To those who have lost, our hearts go out to you and your communities.
To those who are giving. Thank you for being so determined to make a difference.

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