Connected in 25 words

ichnographically Women around the world share their stories
Bringing hope and inspiration
Connecting with women living in poverty
In turn, they invest in changing their world

Image of Indian business owner originally uploaded by Iron Fillings
Small business owner in India, image originally uploaded by Iron Fillings This is my submission to the 25 word challenge by Liz Strauss.

The 25 Words that Connect Us Project

You can join in too. Here’s how

  1. Think about connections, connectedness, being linked together, synchronicity, serendipity, community, oneness.
  2. Write a sentence about it.
  3. Count the words you have written.
  4. Edit the sentence until you have 25 words exactly. Notice how your idea changes as you edit and how your feelings change with each rewrite.
  5. Add a picture if you can.
  6. Post your 25 words on your blog by October 16th.
  7. Link back to her post or leave a link to your post in the comments section.

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