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Creating things is what I enjoy doing. When I am producing a short film, an animation, an illustration, a publication or interactive new media I am in my element.

Producing is the easy bit. I would like to be a better storyteller though.

One of the best “extra-curricular” bits of education I took was in year 12. A friend and I snuck into Cinemateque at a local uni each week and got an education in Auteur cinema. It was great to learn about narrative,style, what the film directors were trying to say, what audience reactions were at the time.

Every time I produce something, I wish I could express myself better. It’s the frustration of any creative individual – I think. You have your intention, a bit of a plan (or a lot) and then you produce. But then you review. Did that video/drawing/photo/website say what I thought it would? Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t…and it’s too late to rewind and start production again.

Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard when you know it will be screened or published can take some courage. When I look back on my storytelling work, I think I could have been simpler in expressing my point. But I guess I wouldn’t know that, if I never created anything at all!

Probably the easiest story to tell was a short documentary about people who used the newspaper classifieds to find a love match (ok this is back in ’92). The story was right there in the footage; the people I interviewed told it, and even sang it! Editing was a treat, given the wonderful content we had.

So, I hope to blog more often. Just for a little while. About stuff. I have found blogging has really contributed to my confidence in writing again. And if I blog more often…well, maybe, just maybe it’s a step towards getting my storytelling mojo back!

3 thoughts on “Creative Practice

  1. Joanna Young

    I think blogging is a great tonic – helps you find the frame for stuff you want to write about, keep it short, encourage your creativity, be playful, get feedback (so so so motivational), build writing muscles, help you find your voice…

    So yes, I too look forward to reading more of you here, and then you (re) finding the storytelling mojo :-)


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