How daily blogging changes your words

Day 20 of NaBloPoMo

When I started NaBloPoMo I thought I’d sit down and create a plan for my blog. I still think I should sit down and create a plan. Of sorts.

I enjoy the spontaneity and discipline of writing a post every day, however I did start some regular Wordless Wednesday and Thursday Things posts this month, which has been good to get me through the busyness of mid-week. And I think a few draft “just in case” posts for days like today would also come in handy. Some people write blog posts in batches to make it easier to post each day, which sounds like a good idea, especially if you have advertisers on your blog or lots of readers.

So what about blogging next month?

I think I’d like to continue trying to write something every day, for blogging’s sake, because it’s a creative exercise.

If I stop, I feel like I’ll lose momentum. But once NaBloPoMo is finished, I think I’ll sit down and write a small batch of drafts to have on hand. The benefit of daily blogging – apart from enjoying the act of creating something new each day – is that I’m discovering which topics I enjoy blogging about. I’ve had to explore a few different ideas in order to post something every single day this month. So, as I’ve been trying out new content, I feel like I’ve come a step closer to having a long list of topics and ideas to blog about when I’m stuck for ideas or on days when I’m time-short.

How about you? Have you found the content on your blog changed directions after a daily blogging project like NaBloPoMo?

Is daily blogging a creative exercise for you? Does it change the way you write? The number of photos you take?

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