Daisy Chains and the day I unearthed my creativity

Sānand Daisy chain time

buy Lyrica in mexico Some days, you just need to make a daisy chain.

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This video sums it up just about perfectly

1. We need to acknowledge one another. It’s good for us.

2. It’s good to just get into the zone. A creative zone. Lost in the moment. It’s creative.

3. Pay attention. Often that means paying attention to the person and moment right in front of you. It’s life-changing.


A few times this week, during school holidays, we ventured to a local park for unplanned play. Yes, I took out my phone to capture a few of the special moments. Yes, I may have checked my emails in the hectic lead-up to ProBlogger Event next week, my mind racing with all the details. But for the most part, I just enjoyed watching my boys construct a cubbyhouse out of grass and sticks. I noticed how they instinctively lay on the deck and discovered creatures in cloud-shapes. How, once they were out of the house and away from technology, they sprinted from one side of the park to the other with a stick in a self-organised relay run.

I put down my phone and began to make a daisy chain. My children asked me to remind them how to make one. My nine year old sat in the sunshine and strung daisies together, eventually creating a crown for me. He placed it on my head and they called me the queen of their cubby. Elated, we came home to plant some basil and parsley together. Later on that night he told me, about school holidays… “This is natural. Life is an adventure.”

They made me a crown and dubbed me queen of the cubby


Creativity happens in these moments. We reconnect with one another. With life.

Creativity should be an adventure.

Just like life.


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