Dear Mum Blogger, value thyself

Dear “Mum Blogger”,

{{ and I say Mum Blogger, because at DPCON12 (The Digital Parents Conference) I got the general idea that most Aussie mums prefer that to “Mummy Blogger” –  which sits a little uncomfortably }}

“You’re worth more than a free bottle of moisturiser” she said. Everyone laughed and clapped in agreement. Many of the bloggers in the room could tell you stories of the time they were offered to review a book (and get a free copy) or tell their large readership about a new product (for nothing) or to write something about someone else (for the opportunity.)

There are probably times when we don’t realise how much value we provide to our readers, how our words can inspire, encourage and even influence behaviour. Times when we undervalue ourselves and the power of our voice.

Do you ever look back and think about the wonderful women in your life who have given you that gentle nudge to dream bigger, achieve more and take risks? When I do, I’m particularly grateful. Most of the time, all it took was a suggestion. “Why don’t you…” “You could…..” “I know you can do it…..” Those words were all needed at the time –  to cut through the doubts, the second guesses and nagging rationale. Someone to believe in me and remind me of a bigger vision.

So when I heard the panelists expressing such encouraging sentiment at DPCON12, I smiled. Yes mum bloggers, you are worth more than that. Not only are you worth more than a freebie, but you have so very much to offer. There are many opportunities ahead of you. Choose the ones that make your heart leap and keep you dreaming. In other words, value thyself. Because even if you don’t know it, so many others do.

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