Digesting Information in Three Courses

buy Clomiphene twins A  group of women huddled around a kitchen table, listening to their passionate hostess Silvia share her Italian cooking secrets. She shared stories of  life, food, the passing down of recipes through generations, and the art of creating the perfect ‘Salsa di pomodoro’.  The women watched with fascination as Silvia instructed and guided them in  cooking (and tasting) a three course Italian meal.

dissuasively I was privileged enough to be in the company of these women yesterday, thanks to a prize from work . We cooked. We laughed and shared our own stories about food. We ate. And it was divine!

Găeşti There’s something quite wonderful about sharing stories and the passing on of knowledge.  And when we use the skills we learn, we  impact those around us. It’s the very reason a cooking school seemed to be the perfect venue for lunch, instead of a restaurant – it was a chance thank some wonderful women AND give them the gift of a new skill. There are opportunities for learning around us every day. We can share our stories online and use social media as a way to connect and enjoy learning.  Yesterday was so much more than a cooking lesson or a meal.

1. We related. We met new people, we connected, we shared personal recipes and stories about food.
2. We experienced. We practiced what we learned. One woman said she never cooked at home, but ended up participating the most and is going back to learn some more!
3. We were rewarded. Not only did we learn and practice, but we enjoyed the reward of enjoying our hard work making a meal together.  (Okay, not toooo hard, we had someone cleaning up after us!)

How do you like digest information?

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