Dream it, think it, tweet it, build it, drive it

Imagine you had a dream to build a life size car out of Lego complete with an air-fueled engine.

Now imagine you have that dream, but you are a teenager living in Romania. You start to add up what it takes
– More than 500,000 LEGO pieces.
– Time and money to build this thing, after all you are self-taught.
– The creation of an engine with four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons.

As my kids said “that would take for ages to build”

Introducing the Super Awesome Micro Project!

The teenager Raul Oaida, reached out to Melbourne entrepreneur and marketing guy Steve Sammartino (of course!)

Steve crowd-funded it via twitter with a single tweet asking for 20+ people to help Raul’s dream come true: https://twitter.com/sammartino/status…

I responded and Steve rang me to describe the crazy plan. Was I in? You betcha. It’s not often that I put money into a project – especially to someone I had never met in person, with no guarantees of a final working product –  but I love technology, I love innovation, and I love partnering with a self-taught teenage genius who wants to bring creativity to life! A total of 40 patrons joined in the plan to hatch a very different kind of creative idea. Raul built the Hot Rod by himself in a (cold) shed in Romania and Steve went to great lengths to supply Raul with truckloads of Lego and arrange for the car to come to a secret location in Melbourne.

He had an idea. He asked. He delivered. Well done Raul and Steve!

<<-- watch this space. So great to meet the genius behind #superawesomemicroproject  @rauloaida today!

(me with Raul in Melbourne recently. What a champ this kid is!)

Just goes to show what you can do when you just ask. Enjoy the video of the end result.
Read more at  http://www.superawesomemicroproject.com


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