A couple of years ago I noticed that World Vision Australia had hired the enthusiastic and passionate Richenda from overseas to head up their social media presence. Cool, I thought. I want to meet this person. Not long after she attended our first NetSquared meet-up in Melbourne. Admittedly, I put her on the spot a little during the presentation, asking her to share some of the work WVA was doing with Vloggers. Her response was so heart-warming and inspiring that I’m sure everyone left that morning determined to dream bigger dreams.

It’s no surprise then, that Richenda¬† – who has now taken on the commitment or running Netsquared in Melbourne and is now starting up her own social media agency, Ntegrity – has issued a blog linkup challenge to share your dreams.

Here’s some of mine…


I dream of being the best wife and mother I can be. I dream of growing old together, seeing our children become their own individual selves, and having big Greek Christmas and Easter lunches together….when they’re old enough to complain about whether or not we put the tarp up.


I dream of going to New York to be inspired by the creative melting pot that is NYC. I’ve wanted to go since I was 19. It’s going to happen this year!


I dream of developing my business ,technical and creative skills further, so I can give back to the arts, non-profits and my community in volunteer and advisory roles.


I dream of making sure my kids know they are loved.


I dream of living simply and appreciating the things that matter.


I dream of using my voice for others.


I dream of being a good listener. I know that’s a practiced skill and I hope I’m getting better.


I dream of living a full life, but knowing when to stop and smell the roses.


I dream of helping others to bring creativity to life, no matter what holds them back.

Sky heading back home

Do we have any dreams in common? Please leave a comment to share your one of your dreams with me :)

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4 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. lindsey talerico-hedren

    Could we replicate you and move the second you to New Zealand?

    Thanks for writing with us. Enjoyed your post and I’m lucky to know that I’ll be seeing much, much more of your blog in our WV-meets-social-media world. Cheers.

    1. wonderwebby Post author

      haha! That’s the first time anybody has wanted to clone me…I’m flattered! Thanks for saying hi :)

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