Social seeds and an eBook about women

Do you ever think of social networks as a place to find creative inspiration?

For instance earlier in the year I jotted down my wonderwishlist. Number One on the list was to “create an eBook about women for women”. With a little help from Joanna Young of Confident Writing, I’m now compiling an eBook of extraordinary women making an impact, which will be released for free at the end of May :)

I’m amazed at how easily this has come together, and some wonderful women have already agreed to share their stories to this eBook, to be called WorldShapers, including

Eileen Clegg – Visual Journalist and Founder of Visual Insight @eileenclegg USA
Phaedra Boinidiris – CEO and Co-Founder of USA
Anita Pahor – Director of Partnerships at Emberin Australia
Amy Jussel – Founder/Executive Director of Shaping Youth USA
Marigo Raftopolous – Management Consultant, Serious Games evangelist @marigo Australia
Stacey Monk – CEO and Co-Founder of Epic Change @staceymonk USA
Lucky Chhetri – Co-founder EWN – Empowering Women of Nepal , Nepal
Daphne Nederhorst – Founder and Executive Director of SAWA
Amy Sample Ward Director of community and content at Netsquared and nonprofit consultant @amyrsward UK
Jyl Johnson Pattee Co-Founder of Mom It Forward @jyl_momIF USA
Annie Le Cavalier Executive Director Vibewire Youth Inc. @vibewire Australia
Karen Muanu Love Without Boundaries @KarenMaunu_LWB USA
Debra Askanase Social Media for Non Profits @askdebra Jerusalem
Dr Angela A Thomas Author Youth Online, Sydney University @anyaixchel Australia

I look forward to reading, and sharing these stories of technology making a difference (read more..) I have met many of these women through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or blogging, and I’m grateful that they use social media to express their ideas, share their journey and connect with others (how else would we have been introduced so quickly?)

One of the contributors to the Worldshapers eBook, Eileen Clegg, created this video as a ‘shout out for creativity’ recently. Actually she created a mural to express some concepts around creativity in a connected world, and walks us through this visual map in her video.

I think Eileen’s mural speaks volumes about the value of sharing your unique voice on the web. When you use social media you have the opportunity to share your personality, thoughts, and ideas through your contribution to conversations. As our differerent experiences converge, ideas begin to seed.  For instance, have you found that links posted by friends on social networking sites often point to ideas and inspiration? Or does the content lead you to distraction?


Are you focusing on the creative ideas to be found around you? Who has inspired you lately?

Update: the ebook has been published! Huge thanks to all involved. You can download it for free here.

8 thoughts on “Social seeds and an eBook about women

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  2. Amy Jussel

    Jasmin, Bill from NextNow (above) gave you Linda Alepin’s name (albeit misspelled, like mine with two ls above/already teased him about it ;-) and she e-blasted your book to the Women Leaders for the World network of our 2007 graduating class and the network.

    She’s asked me to post it for the universal global list serve too, as there are amazing expansion/outreach channels growing from Istanbul to Pakistan, so I have a feeling there are some amazing sequels in the works!

    Bill is amazingly connected on a global change agent scale, championing women’s efforts wholeheartedly with a kindness to pay it forward that’s undaunting.

    The Age of Conversation lives on…Rock on Worldshapers! And thank you, Jasmin for spearheading the shout out social movement, too.

  3. wonderwebby

    Thanks so much Bill and Amy! I’d love to see sequels! It’s really wonderful to have your involvement :) Thank you

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