Enterprise 2.0 reflections

social computing survival considersations

social computing input and output survival considerations

Were you wondering what was on my mind?

Noise & Focus

  1. Identify the noise in your digital life.
  2. Take time out and step back. Then you can pinpoint the noise.
  3. Distinguish the “must read” vs “nice to read”
  4. Determine what your focus is.
  5. Have fun exploring and using social media, but have a goal if you don’t want to drift off into the ether.

Invest & Reward

  1. Assess whether your time online feels like an investment (in yourself or others)
  2. Make each moment count.
  3. Consider what reward you want from your time online?
  4. How is your online conversation time spent and how valuable is it?
  5. Reward yourself. Make time to relax, and enjoy the conversation :)

What do these words mean to you in a social media world? Do you take time to reflect on the way you use the tools and time?