Enterprise2.0 Loyalty

The Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum in Sydney yesterday proved to be a great half day of case studies and discussion.

One of the emerging themes was the need for Enterprise 2.0 implementers to “let go” of content structure, instead shifting focus to content support. The tendency for IT Managers or Business to micro-manage web2.0 projects often compromises the original purpose of promoting collaboration; the good intent of creating categories of information on a wiki or make things “look nice” inhibits employees from potential engagement with the content and tools.

The emphasis was made that participation is elicited from employees when THEY have a say in creating content and categories of content. Speakers discussed the benefit of letting people experiment and encouraging User Generated Content (UGC) as a means to develop a web2.0 workforce.

I wonder if UGC is key to developing the Enteprise 2.0 brand in your organisation? If you want your web2.0 project to develop a positive reputation, word of mouth, loyalty and higher levels of participation, what are you doing to “let go”? By focusing on a well planned, supporting structure to direct the flow and integrity of content (instead of planning the content structure), it appears the risk might just be worth it.