Epic Thanks

Stacey Monk of Epic Change – along with some wonderful volunteers – has again organised a special Thanksgiving project,  EpicThanks. Watch the above video to see what a wonderful thing people around the world have done to support Epic Change’s work. I’m always inspired by Stacey’s generosity and determination to help these students in Tanzania, to make a difference, and to support the incredible work of Mama Lucy Kamptoni.

Here’s how you can join in this special project, to help create a secondary school in Tanzania.

Step #1. Add your grateful photo. Submit a very grateful image. Maybe it’s a photo of you holding a handwritten thank-you note to someone you love. Maybe it’s a photo of someone, something or somewhere that makes your heart burst with thankfulness. Be creative. Make sure to link your photo to your blog if you have one, and include a caption that shares your grateful heart.

Step #2. Make a grateful gift. If you’d like to give in honor of whatever you’re most grateful for, make your grateful gift at http://www.EpicThanks.org/give. With a $10 gift, you’ll add a brick to the school, with $100 you can add a message of thanks to the walls of the school, and with $250, you’ll make it possible to add room for one child in a classroom.

Step #3. Change the world. Together, we’ll build Mama Lucy’s secondary school for some pretty amazing kids out of our shared love & gratitude.

Step #4. Spread the love. Share your grateful heart on twitter, facebook, your blog, email, google+ and across the web with a link to www.EpicThanks.org.

Thanks Stacey, Mama Lucy, and to all volunteers who have made this happen over the last few years. You’re wonderful.

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