Thursday Things – everyday things filled with memories

All I want for Christmas…


tala retro measuring cup

I miss having measuring tins in my kitchen, like I did growing up. It makes baking so much more enjoyable to cook with pretty things. I make do, but I think these will be on my shopping list this Christmas :)

When I was younger my grandmother taught me how to bake scones and roll pastry. I read a report once (wish I could find it) which talked about the learning styles and ages of children and grandparents, and how they were so complementary: Children could read the recipes, grandparents had the patience to explain things slowly and clearly. Anyway it seems about right to me because I still prefer baking to cooking, and every year or so I buy some new coffee essence to replace the expired bottle, to make a batch Monte Carlo biscuits from her recipe.

Do you have everyday things which bring back memories like this?


tala gingerbread cutters






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