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I’ve been persevering with the 52 weeks project, taking a self portrait every week. Well, not quite every week. For one, I need to set aside the time. Also it does feel terribly narcissistic; I don’t think it’s too healthy to spend too long focusing on yourself and I try to step outside of myself for the portraits (note: not easy – too tempting to edit the pics!!) However it’s been a good discipline – and having one subject to photograph does create a unique challenge. I’m almost half way. It’s that point on a project where you tend to lose a bit of steam. It’s also the point where you can break through to remarkable new ideas if you press on. So I’m setting aside a few minutes each week (when I can find it) amongst the busyness of raising a family, spending time with my husband, my community and enjoying my work. It doesn’t just encourage me to improve my photography and creative eye; it helps me to observe moments in time, the seasons, the environment and the world around me – just waiting to be noticed and captured.

bag and dress shoes on steps self portrait pensive self portrait self portrait in autumn

I’ve also joined Amy Palko’s Photography Less Ordinary Flickr group. She’s a very creative individual who wrote a great series on taking photos, worth a look-see.

Do you set aside time to explore your creativity? Do you set yourself challenges? How does it add to your quality of life?

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