Expressions of things beyond

Matt wrote me a poem for the Creative Challenge themed “Beyond”

…”Follow the chromosomes
that interlock like acrobats
to create the trick of a life
Balance, harmony – a high wire act.

Follow the tectonic fault-lines
that skid round the globe
without our permission.
Plates spinning in that same circus.

Follow the word network,
the net worth of word nets
that catch us each in ourselves
when the high wire snaps.”….{{read more}}

Penni created a special video about her daugher Frederique, and wrote something beautiful about their journey overseas

“thank you for showing me your world, for taking me beyond the surface of places and into the centre of them, and out of the centre and to the edges. Thank you for being angry and happy and sad. Thank you for watching the tiny polysteirine balls bounce down the bridge over the Seine while I fell in love with the Notre Dame, and thank you for making me watch them too, as they swirled and dived in the wind.”


Lee made a video on Youtube with a powerful reading, Iggy shared the story of the web connecting after loss and Arthi commented that sharing our experiences can influence our children, albeit not the way we originally intended! I enjoyed reading each of these 5 entries, which are in the running to win a great prize. I’m happy to report US$215 has been donated through this creative challenge towards a microfinance project and those 6 individuals (plus others who have made donations to date) will be in the running to win a copy of “World Poverty for Dummies”. I’m thinking of getting Spiderman to draw the names out of a hat for me.

There are still 2 more days left to share something creative on the theme of  “Beyond”. Your entry would be a wonderful Christmas gift :) and anyone can enter. Entries close midnight this Sunday Australian EST and winners drawn on Monday.

And as a special Christmas treat, thanks to Mary Martin Books I have another copy of  ‘World Poverty for Dummies’ which I will give to the next Australian resident who submits something new for the creative challenge :) Are you feeling creative? All you have to do is respond as a comment. photo or blog post over on the original post.

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