Extracting Ideas

I love love love to help pull ideas great ideas out of peoples’ heads , working together to give the ideas some life and value. It’s something I loved doing as a web producer years ago and something I am enjoying in the space of collaborative innovation.

Most of the time – it’s just a matter of asking the right questions.

Are you busy giving advice or are you stepping back and asking important questions at the right time, to help others find a solution? Is there a new angle you can put on the scenario?

“Collaboration” first asks and learns.

Edit: thinking, maybe I do occasionally throw in a wildcard in the process

2 thoughts on “Extracting Ideas

  1. Douglas

    I couldn’t have asked for a better invitation.

    As a kid we had a 12 inch black and white TV to start with. Thirty years later my family is watching a 47 inch HD TV. My kids will never know there was a such thing as a B&W. If they do, they’ll think of them as a quaint fad limited to a few households–the way I think of the original radios.

    How do you see the space of collaborative innovation and learning (SOCIAL) evolving over the lifetime of your children? More specifically, how is your involvement in SOCIAL going to affect your interactions with them?

    Good morning.

  2. wonderwebby

    Good morning/evening. We too had a litte B&W TV for a while :)

    Douglas I hope that my involvement in this space will help see some positive changes in my world that the monkeys will be proud of.

    In terms of my interactions with them…I guess there will always be a generation gap when it comes to software, but I hope that as technology begins to augment with our lives and we start to see further uptake of things like lifelogging and the 3D web, we may even get to know one another better and share knowledge more expediently.

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