Facebook Fridge

Ever realise Facebook is one big public fridge door? You know, the kind of fridge you left messages on in a share-house when you first left home. The fridge door you stuck your favourite photos on, your housemates put their odd magnets, messages, fridge poetry, postcards from friends or lyers for events and films. It became the hub of your household activity, a “what’s happening in your life in glance” central point of contact in busy lives.

Tonight catching up with the lovely Stellah de Ville and Starr Sonic we were discussing the cheesiness of some web2.0 design and how Facebook is one big cheesy bad design aggregator. And how the cheese sticks. People like the cheese. Then I starting thinking how Facebook becomes one big public fridge door for notices, photos, trashy postcards…only this time the pictures move, dance, spin and sing (Funwall anyone?).

For the record, I like a relatively clean fridge door ok? Beautiful pictures and words please. And maybe the odd cheesy magnet to hold up preschool art :)