Finding Time to Blog

undenominational It’s now been two years and two hundred posts since Andy first helped me to get started blogging here on Wonderwebby! Upon reflection, that’s a bit of time spent drafting, editing and reading comments. So why do I spend time blogging?

neurontin 300 mg discontinued I make time for blogging because it’s part of my learning & personal development and it sparks my creative thinking. I make time for it the same way you might make time to attend conferences, after work events or training. I only work three days a week, which restricts the days available to attend networking events. Also my husband and I have three young boys so I don’t travel for work often. Blogging (and Twitter, Facebook etc) helps me to stay connected in so many ways.

I don’t see myself as a serious blogger. There are times when I might choose to read a book instead of writing a blog post, or I might choose to do something creative, or spend time with the boys instead.

Sometimes I’ll begin writing a blog post late at night once I’ve tucked the little ones in bed, folded some laundry, and then I’ll finish the post first thing in the morning or later when I have a spare moment. Blogging is often ‘me time’. It’s a choice. Free expression. I suppose that’s why I hesitate to accept offers of advertising, or to write about products that don’t interest me. If it’s genuinely wonderful, I’ll write about it.

When I ramble write, I try to think how my posts might bring some value to you. Blogging helps me to practice communicating and writing quickly, concisely and it challenges me to try different writing styles and approaches. I like to use this blog to express my thoughts, the things I learn, to share creative moments and wonder about the wonderful possibilities with you. I enjoy sharing ideas that might help create a better world and collaborating with you on your creative blog challenges.

But for the most part, I spend my time helping with homework, making lunches, working, washing clothes, connecting with and caring for my family, friends and others. Blogging is something I enjoy – and now 200 posts later (201 if you count this one) I’m just looking forward to the things that might find their way into this blog or your comments!

Thanks to those of you who subscribe – it’s really lovely to know you’re there! And to those of you who comment – I always enjoy reading what you have to say (although I’m really not so great at writing comments myself!).

What about you? Why do you spend time blogging?

6 thoughts on “Finding Time to Blog

  1. Robyn McMaster

    I met you a while ago because Servant of Chaos featured you on his site. I find it amazing how we make the connections we do. You add so much value to the blogging community. I applaud your work and your writing here so that we get a more intimate view of the real you. Thanks and keep up your good work.

    1. wonderwebby

      thanks Robyn! Thanks so much for your encouraging words :) I always appreciate the things you share on your blog and it’s great to connect with you via Gavin.

  2. Euan Semple

    I love reading your blog. What’s a “serious blogger” anyway!? I don’t make enough time to blog these days and it is more the impact on me that worries me rather than losing readers or anything. Like you my blog is thinking space and I need to think more!

  3. Andy Piper

    Just wanted to drop by to say congrats – you’ve produced such amazing output and thoughtful posts over the past couple of years. Keep doing it, if you feel inspired to do so.

  4. Gavin Heaton

    Aren’t blogging years like dog years? You know, like two years of blogging is like 10 human years? If so, that makes you almost a teenager. Can’t wait for those moody posts next year!

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