First of Feb – stories, plans and space

Whew. Has it been a month already? January was filled with lazy school holiday mornings,  days at home, days at the beach… and obviously not much blogging! 
Beach boys

We launched a new post-processing ebook over at Digital Photography School, authored by Neil Creek, and planned a few more ebooks and products for the rest of the year.

I walked. I watched the sun set.  Have I already spent more time outside than the same time last year? Perhaps it’s because the boys are older. Perhaps it’s holidays.

Last month I thought about time, intent, effectiveness, distractions, creative intent, and creative distractions. I thought about selectivity, activity and positivity. I guarded my space and allowed time for nothing much. I enjoyed.

I scheduled my weeks ahead. Last year, the pace of kindergarten and school pickups, work and activities created a schedule of their own. This year – although I finally have time to be schedule-free –  I’ve set aside time each day in a spreadsheet that I can refer to.  Time to work, exercise, rest, be creative and do things with the kids. I reckon I’ll almost stick to it. I’ve enrolled the boys back in swimming lessons after a term’s break – and my eldest will start cartooning lessons each week.

Oh, and I saw Ira Glass talk at the Athenaeum about the way he views and creates stories for This American Life (TAL) . It was interesting to hear him say that he’s not naturally good at telling stories, but storytelling is something he actively practised from a young age –  a social survival skill of sorts.  I was also interested to hear that his team spends about half of their time finding the right idea for the show. Just the IDEA. Not producing the show. Just getting the ideas right. (When you think about the production of his radio show TAL…well, half is a lot. I think that’s why I like the notion of being flexible with an idea, the importance of putting aside time to plan, discover, invent and re-purpose.) Ira went on to say that once they have ideas for the show, he puts stories into motion. Action sequences with a destination.

Finally, we had our first ‘proper’ family portrait taken recently by Rachel Devine. Here’s a photo of her taking a shot of the lads. I’ve seen a sneak peak of some photos already and they’re amazing. I’m so glad we set aside a date to capture life right now.
Our first ever family portrait (proper!) with @sesameellis

What about you? Do you enjoy having space to plan?

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