Five Faves – Things to Eat, Things that Shine and Simple Silhouettes

I thought this “Five Fave’s” meme by Meet Me at Mike’s this morning would be just the antidote to a lapse in my blogging attention. So here are five of my favourite things from last week!

Five Faves

1. Spilt Milk by Alissa Green. This lovely 365 word article is part of the3six5 project which I discovered through Joseph Jaffe. It will be my turn to write for this project later this year. So make sure you throw amazing and interesting things my way  on the 15th of June :) (I wonder what I’ll end up writing about?!!)

2. Fresh ciabatta. Because there is bread – and then there is ciabatta!Fresh ciabatta stick

3. Silhouettes. Paper cut-outs aren’t just for kids! I needed to find an avatar for the Melbourne NetSquared group –  a meet up for those wanting to use social media for social good. I thought it might be fun to take a photo of some paper people against an orange lamp. Later on, after we had taken photos, Mr Three and I enjoyed drawing faces on these paper creatures. This is one of the images after I played around with it in the Tilt Shift app.

paper people cutouts

4. Cooking for two families. Because I’ve seen a lot of it lately, everywhere. People with their own families and busy lives, cooking for other families. They’re cooking for families with newborns.  They’re friends cooking for a family with a sick child in ICU. They’re strangers cooking meals for a family going through a very tough time. Who would have guessed that a humble casserole or a pasta dish could make such a difference? Awesome.

5.  Glitter. Because – well – it sparkles. And I had forgotten about it until the boys raided my cupboards looking for craft-making things.

glitter box spilt on a table

What about you? What is your favourite thing from this week?

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