Friday Popcorn

I like to make popcorn in the pan, on the stovetop.

Yes, there are “instant bags” you can put in the microwave, but there’s something nostalgic and fun in the “poppity pop pop” of the corn on the stovetop. And as long as you continue to shake the saucepan, it doesn’t burn on the bottom (seriously..that’s the trick!)

This afternoon I discovered another trick, quite by accident.

Instead of buying junk food from the supermarket for a family treat, I decided to pop some corn for our family night. We add a little salt and icing sugar to ours, creating a “sweet and sour” flavour. I usually add the flavour in a tub, but today I just happened to have a spare empty cereal container on hand. It turned out to be perfect for shaking the flavour through. and for the boys to pour extra helpings into their bowls.

I just discovered how perfect a cereal container is for sweet n sour popcorn!

So easy, I had to share. Yes, the kids love it.

Have fun making your own!