Friends making things

She made this necklace that I’m wearing.
Wore a necklace made by the lovely @dustyjo today (dustyplum on etsy) ... love her little creations!
She made this book, which our kinder kids ooohed and aaahed over.

She (mum) painted this birthday card for me, which is now up on my wall.
Thanks mum! xx (her bday drawing for me)

He (my boy) painted this on the glass at kinder, with such free spirit and inhibition, right before it got washed off for the next person.

Expression is amazing. Friends making things makes me happy. Ideas becoming something is wonderful.

Happy Saturday

As I take some time out this week with my family, I’m hoping some ideas will bubble up, that something will be created and that I get to see more of what you’re making. So tell me, what are you making right now? I’d love to take a look and share the things you’ve been doing.

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