Frocktober 20th, 21st, 22nd and lots of lovely bloggers

Also known as the days before, during and after ProBlogger’s Training Day

On the 20th of Frocktober I ran…
#frocktober 19th no time to be picky. Frock for comfort and errand running today. And Wooooooo over $500 raised (and I was only hoping for $300)

…errands. Lots of them. I also played tooth fairy, but had so many things on my mind that I accidentally left the tooth out. Now my son thinks he’s going to get even more money.

On the 21st of Frocktober we hosted #pbevent ProBlogger’s Training Day in Melbourne.

The people were amazing. The venue was great. The vibe was wonderful. I certainly don’t regret giving up my job to work with Darren.

Nicole Avery aka @planningqueen did a brilliant job getting the content and speakers organised for the day. I  hope everyone had a great time!

never regret leaving my job to work with @darrenrowse (original photo by @gtvone )

(Thanks Simon for taking so many photos of the day, including the original photo in my instagram pic above)

While all this happened, somebody donated another $30 towards Ovarian Cancer Research on my fundraising page. What a day!

On the 22nd of Frocktober I put my feet up.

#frocktober 22nd oh my stars I'm tired

Time to rest. November is just around the corner!

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