Frocktober the 10th, 11th and flying

On the 10th of Frocktober the pinafore came out.
Frocks need Aprons #frocktober
And the apron. I never knew how important aprons were.

Eight hours before the apron, Richenda from World Vision Australia inspired me with her energy for blogging, non profits, people and communicating from the heart.

Two hours after the apron, I sat on the floor at the kindergarten fundraising meeting on a cold Melbourne night. Yes, I was the only person wearing a frock. I heard about another kinder who have decided to hire a manager next year, rather than operate by committee. It made me a bit sad. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some great people by volunteering this year. Not only that, it’s meant I’ve discovered more about the heart of our kinder.


On the 11th of Frocktober I had to do the only thing I could to WAKE UP.
#frocktober the 11th age behind rainbows

I wore colour. And a brooch. For a moment I wondered if it was a little bit too much.


Most often people say to me “Three boys. That must keep you busy.”

That’s true, but not completely. They keep me alive.


I’m wearing dresses this month for Frocktober, raising funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.  I recently increased my target to $500 as you donated $310 in my first week. Amazing. Enjoying these posts?  You can donate here.

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