Frocktober the 13th. On my mind.

On the 13th of Frocktober I kept blogging.
#frocktober the 13th (I'm wearing these dresses to raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research to help create an early detection test)

Thursday. On my mind today:

1. I thought I had more frocks. Where are my frocks? Where are my FROCKS?

2. Wow, this frock is old.

3. Nearly 1 week til the ProBlogger Training Day. 1 week. eeek. EEEK. (Things to plan, emails to be sent, phonecalls to be made. Fun to be had!)

4. Our big kinder function is nearly here. Quietly relieved. Today I bid on a four course meal cooked by our kindergarten director. Thinking about food.

5. What’s for dinner?

6. Nice to hear from Rachel Devine aka Sesame Ellis. I worked with her on a very special Kids Photography book for dPS recently. She’s ace. I really liked working with Rachel. I really like my job. I really feel very, very fortunate, most days.

7. Wonder what to put on my Living List, before meeting some bloggers at Miscmum’s next week (before #pbevent)? For a start, New York. What’s next?


I’m wearing dresses this month for Frocktober, to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research. Enjoying these posts?  You can donate here before October 31st.

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