Frocktober the 5th and some Epic news Just a couple of years ago a number of people around the world got together to host Tweetsgiving events in their respective cities. We raised money for Epic Change, who helped a woman called “Mama Lucy” Kamptoni. Mama Lucy once sold chickens, and from what little money she earned built a school near her home in Arusha, Tanzania. She started in 2003 on rented land with only 6 students, and has now built a school that serves hundreds of local kids. Since then, Epic Change have continued to raise funds through some incredible virtual fundraising events.

Orai Today I heard some wonderful news.

Thul Last Saturday, on the 24th day of September, 2011, 20 Tanzanian seventh graders – 9 boys & 11 girls – were honored by a community of 1,000 proud & excited onlookers as they celebrated the graduation of our first class from primary school. Dressed in black bowties, pageant-like sashes, and bright blue cardboard graduation caps I bought from the local dollar store, they marched almost-regal to accept their certificates of completion in front of parents, friends, teachers and village leaders. Their excitement and pride was palpable.

I wish I could share every last moment with you so that you would feel in your bones the powerful magic your love, generosity, gratitude & hope are making there in the tiny village of Moivaro. I wish you could see how whatever you’ve done & will do, is altering the course of the universe we share. Making it more beautiful, more loving, more kind, and full of infinitely more possibilities. This my heart knows: these children will change everything. Because of the love you’ve invested, they will feel more loved, and dare to love more. Because you’ve invested your hopes in them, they will dare to hope too.

Graduation 595

Congratulations to the graduates, to Stacey Monk who is so determined and to the incredible Mama Lucy. Thanks also to those of you who helped with a Melbourne Tweetsgiving event a couple of years ago and to those who donated on the night. Amazing news!


I feel silly doing this but it's for a good cause! #frocktoberMeanwhile…back in Melbourne I found myself taking an absurd photo of myself wearing a jersey dress in a mirror. It doesn’t have anything to do with Epic Change, but it’s all about Frocktober and raising funds for Ovarian Cancer research this month.

One thing these two causes have in common is this; small efforts, achieved together, can make a big difference. Two years ago these kids didn’t have a guarantee that they could graduate.  Today the children at Mama Lucy’s school are full of hope.


Keep hoping.  Keep dreaming. Keep giving.

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